Questions and answers

Where exactly is the Esport Arena located?

We are located in Rzeszów, at Legionów Street

What time is the Esport Arena open?

We are open 7 days a week

  • monday-sunday 14-22

Possible rental of the PC gaming room after 10 p.m. – for this purpose, please visit the offer

Are reservations required?

No, reservations are not required. However, due to personal limitations in the premises, we encourage you to book or contact us by phone

How to make a reservation?

Rezerwacji można dokonać na naszej stronie w zakładce zarezerwuj pobyt, telefonicznie: 17 852 04 76 bądź drogą e-mail: rezerwacje@esport-arena.pl. Istnieje również możliwość rezerwacji bezpośrednio w recepcji Esport Arena.

What games will you play?

We have a huge selection of the most popular games for you. A full list can be found in the” about us “tab” You can play any suggestions from our library, for the best gaming experience we suggest playing on your own account. If you are interested in a game that is not on the list – please let us know. We will download it for you and install it, and afterwards we will inform you about the availability of the reservation

What equipment do you have?

PC Gaming – Processor: I7-7700K –  RAM: 16 GB RAM – Graphic cards – NIVIDA RTX 2060 – 240Hz Monitor

SIM RACING – steering wheel base: Fanatec CSL DD + Boosy Kit with Direct Drive technology, – steering wheel: round, trimmed with Alcantara material, equipped with paddle shifters and the so-called buttonbox – pedals: with the possibility of adjusting the hardness of the brake – bucket seat for professional use, sports GT class, size XL, – Additional equipment for simulators: a gearbox operating in the H system and sequential, vertical handbrake with modulation of pressure force

VR + refleksomierz

Can I connect my own equipment (mouse, keyboard)?

Sure! Each player can connect their equipment.

Is it possible to train with an instructor or participate in structured training?

Yes, we invite you to take part in classes with an instructor or a drift driver. More details in the offer tab

Is it possible to race together on the same track with several people?

Yes, we offer 4 simulators. Gather your friends and compete on one track

Is it possible to organize a party, event or company meeting?

Absolutely, we are able to organize a CS: GO tournament, League of Legends, Asetto Corsa or a special event such as birthday or company meetings. When booking for a larger number of people, it is possible to reserve a floor or the entire Esport Arena building

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